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Booker T Texas,WWE| Houston | AGE | DOB

Sunday, December 10, 2017 | Labels: , , , | 0 Comments |


Booker T Texas,WWE| Houston | AGE | DOB

Booker T announces run for Mayor of Houston | WWE currently

Booker T the largerst boxer announce for the mayor though Twitter, This will be hope for the his town Houston the largest city
of United states of America. 

 Real Name: Booker Tio Huffman (born March 1, 1965)

‎: ‎1989
‎: ‎2016

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Trade with reason not on hope...Trading is journey of Self Discovery

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 | Labels: , | 0 Comments |


Savvy trader knows very well the stock market become life. Not part of life.
That's true!
In stock market making money is main objective of every trader, no doubt about it.
Once you start to swim in water of stock market, you will realise it slowly pours new ideas and way to live life in your personality.
Dumb man like me even start study, new aspect of life. You try to understand reason behind the price quotes and price action.
We want to beat the mass with our intelligence.
To   enhance intelligence we start study new subjects..
Everyday when the internet getting ON we start in search of piece of information..
which help us to find GOLD we can reach to Big Gold mine..

Might some sentence make you sense, some will not..
I just want to attract your focus..Stock market will be your life changing area..
it is journey of self discovery....

Trade with reason not on hopes..reason give your profit or atleast you can pull yourself with little losses when your reason is not valid; but hope will not. Hope will bottom out your balance in trading account..

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Beginner Trader Do Not Loose Money On Trading Software Intially

Saturday, September 5, 2015 | Labels: , | 0 Comments |


Plot chart in your trading software is great way to analysis to stocks or charts. Cost of trading software and a real-time data sucks trader, particular for beginner with small amount of capital. They don’t want to throw their money in a trash.

Trading software like;
Metastock,  Amibroker,  Fchart, Esignal are the great example of trading software. You can purchase them to study of stock market.

For beginner I like to suggest, initially don’t throw you money to purchase those software.
You can start with good trading platform like Sharekhan (Tradetiger), NEST and NOW platform. So you should easily understand ABC of technical analysis with those platform. Once you feel about technical analysis then you can purchase RIGHT trading software as per your need.

This small article is making aware to beginner trader, so they should big amount of money on trading software initially. I met lot of beginner who spend great amount money on trading software, found them lost in various indicators. So baby steps are best which saves your money as well as time.

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Learn Commodity Trading ! Learning Trading in SIlver

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 | Labels: , , , , | 0 Comments |


Today I tried Paper Trading with Silver in Commodity Trading Market MCX. Silver Lot of 30 Kg.
Means you will get or loss Rs 30 with every 1 Rs. moment in price of future of Silver.

This is very helpful for beginner like me. I know paper trading and actual trading is too much difference. Still I did it with sincerity and dedication with Sharekhan's Trade Tiger Terminal. For this Trading 0.003 percent brokerage is applying for every trade. You might be get different brokerage depending upon your brokerage firm. First check brokerage.

To calculate brokerage I used the following formulae;
 ((Sold Price - Bought Price) * Lot Size) Minus ((Bought Price * Lot Size * .0003) + (Sold Price * Lot Size * .0003))

1)  Silve short 35513 Stop lOss 35619 (I apply this stop because it is top of that day)

            next stop loss 35524
                       stoploss trigger
            position still continue with stop loss 35524 stoploss trigger we get loss of 1000rs

2)  Silver short 35459 stoploss 35529

3) add one more lot at 35375 stop loss 35440 sell this lot at 35351 due to over position in this lot we go 24 point after brokerage 30 Rs loss

Still our one position going on
we sold position at 35370


we get 111 point 2670

after brokerage it will be 2000
after that

in first position we have loss of 1000 + third position we get loss of 30

means we get

Rs.   970 Profit.

Be a partner with my trading. Your suggestion welcome!!

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Secret to Cut your BIg Losses in Stock Market

Monday, August 17, 2015 | Labels: , , , , , , | 0 Comments |


Price is the most important factor in trading. Our trading system, predictions are all based on Price. Most of trader like me, forget over time this important aspect as we proceed in trading realm.
 Some time ego, over confidence on our trading system, predictions; cause to forget this simple aspect. Our perspectives create an illusion, in which we assume market moves not on its own will but due to our system.
Don’t you believe on me, remember last time your prediction goes against you. Does your mind not try to pull a market towards your side?  Even your position with small losses slowly turns into huge loss. Still your mind not wants to accept that your trading system failed, your prediction failed.
This is because we deny a price at NOW. We deny a market at current time.
Just accept your failure. Apply STOPLOSS.
You definitely save your MONEY.

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Be Happy !! Get Exciting OFFERS In this Diwali through online shopping

Sunday, October 19, 2014 | | 0 Comments |


Diwali festival on the way of.....This increase fever of discounts and offers in you real life market as well as online shopping site.

Recently I meet friend with flashing his Moto E handset which have been grabbing just for 5200/- Rs which is exciting offer for him because it is sell in market for 6999/- Rs previously. I can never forget smiling face of friend. He could not stop on that he share me lot information regarding online buying benefits and offers provided by various portals.

That is reason I write this post for my humble reader how they can grab Exciting OFFER. So you could also SAVE lot of money in this Diwali. So you could use this money to spend on your family to see their smiling faces.

What are offers are on your SCREENstep?

It is revolutionary product for home.

Go and buy your desire product to fill your home with happiness and joy!!
Wishing you Happy Diwali!!!

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Online Shopping in India ..A Smart way to Buy online check it Now..!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014 | Labels: , , , , | 0 Comments |


In this Diwali many consumer prefer to buy through online portals like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Janong.
Buying online is become more SAFE and EASY never before. I am not state in mere vague statement. If you were good news reader person, then you were amaze with selling of Flipkart and Snapdeal in single day..

Now you just imagine how much they were sell in single day as per newspaper they sold more than 600 crore product in their deal day...


Now you can rely how much customer like me and you are rely on online buying...
But why they prefer to buy online

Following are the main reason they go for online buying;

  • ·         Safety
Online portals try their level of the best to get their customer safety related to payment related information
  •  Fast Delivery
Online selling portal try to keep customer satisfy with fast delivery of the product. Most of Indian cities get delivery in 3 to 4 working days. Even in some big cities product delivered on same day.
  •  Nice return policy
Return policy is one of the greatest assurances provided by most of the online shopping site. You can return your product if you are not satisfied with product. Even real market shops are not capable to give this facility to you.
 Most of you were witnessed of such hassle created by shop owner in REAL market, if you were not satisfied with any product shop owners are simple refuse to take back their product.

  •  Safe and secure payment option
Online payment option become safe because shopping site take care of security related issues more seriously. That is reason online payment though your Electronic fund transfer, credit cart, debit card become more secure.
Even most of shopping site provide the COD (cash on delivery ) facility for your convince. You can opt  it easily, but checked it available or not for your desire product before.

You can easily buy various product from online like;
Home Appliances like

Gaming console for to play games for extreme adventure for your kids, to you

Latest configuration laptops for make your office work on the edge
To buy Smartphone which suite you budget

Lots of OFFER are available FLIPKART, Snapdeal and other buying site. Use those amazing offers to save your Money in this Diwali

Enjoy this Diwali with shopping online and SAVING lot of money
Wishing you Happy DIwalli

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Celebrate this Diwali with Innovative Way

Friday, October 3, 2014 | Labels: , , | 0 Comments |


In Diwali is season of offers and buying..
Let’s celebrate this Diwali shopping with online buying
Flipkart provide the amazing and innovative way to buying product online

Some bright features of Flipchart;

Flipkart create authentication and geniuses in customers mind
Fast Delivery in your door step (almost in all big cities get delivery of your product in 3 to 4 working days)
Amazing return policy if you don’t like product

You can buy ;

Enjoy online shopping with Flipkart !!

Happy Dassera and Diwali !!!

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