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Wednesday, February 20, 2008 | Labels: , , , , , , | 1 Comments |


The day rise with hopes, small investor to big giant of market everyone’s expectation crush with passing seconds when Indian market open. Reliance Power IPO is best example of over expectation.

So many market analysts now scratches lines on paper that price band of R-Power is far away from real. What is criteria to fix price of IPO ? Is there any authority to regulate such mishaps? I don’t know much about that, but truth is that lots of money goes in fire of market. Market is only answer of anything, believe on market.

If your in delivery in R-Power then great and stick to it for some period. R-Power proposed to Bonus issue. That might help to cure from short term losses.

Hope is only remedy………..

Stock to Watch

BSEL Infra (Strictly for long period delivery)

This stock is looking good in future, but still wait to buy. If you want to buy in hurry, then you should grab in equal slabs of quantity. Wait it might come to 42 Rs.

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Market Trend - Indian Stock Market

Thursday, February 14, 2008 | Labels: , , | 0 Comments |


Indian Stock Market " Overview on Correction"

Last six years were big Bull Run for Indian stock market. So obviously correction are requires and it start. Market corrected almost 5000 points.
Then what you think market correction criteria is fulfill now? Now again from this level market zoom again? Which stocks are in buying mode? All those questions are arises in mind.

I trying to stretch this questions here….

First we think on correction is over or not?

Then my answer is No!!!!

I have some justified answer for this. If my readers have any suggestion and they not agree with me then please send opinions to me on this blog. Your responses are valuable and it will expand views.

Last six years are big Bull Run so I thought this correction period is almost of one year. You find little bull rallies in that period but market will again shows new valley there. It’s trying to reach new bottom every time.

So please try to grab every single paisa when you are in profit. Single drop is basic of big ocean. So don’t waste it.

Again keep in mind that power of compounding……..

So my hora for market;

Market goes from this 17000 to 14900 first, with its zigzag way.

If it breaks 14900 it will found next stop on 12400.

If market not braking level of 15000 then prepare for big bull run rally which you may not imagine …
Just I tell you it will make new high with every passing session.

Remaining I will write in coming session till then ....Keep watching market

Attention " Be Careful in R-pack stocks"

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