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‘I’ is very big thing for everyone. No one can imagine their existence without I. Do you think only body of flesh am I? Then what is difference between animals and human? Everybody tell us brain give us identity in this world. This may be right. What is existence of me?

Why everybody fight with each thing every time? Death is only true thing, but we deny truth and fix to life which is illusion. Why we don’t consider death? Fear of death is on neck of everyone. Then why this rushes whole life to posses something. Try to achieve.

This some are question arises in my mind. Some time I get answer, some time not. I am not religious person. I am human being. I like question. I like their answer. I like if there is no answer for question.

How many ‘I’ I have.

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Force of Indian economy -part2

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Force of Indian economy -part2
Today farmers are suicide in more number than yesterday. This is very frightened condition because backbone of Indian economy is agriculture, maximum population lives on agriculture.
Indian government provide new scheme to farmer for become debt free. This is medication not remedies. There require perfect remedy to survive for farmer.
I feel some major cause behind it…

1 farmer is goes in huge debit by rituals of religion so they spend productive money on unproductive matter.

2 Rate of agriculture product fixed by middle men not by farmer.

3 Middle men get rich and richer day by day.

4 No fix policy to produce agriculture product. No planning for it.

5 Distribution of land is very odd.

In this way huge production of unique product come in market and prices of that product falls sharply. By default farmer goes in debt.

I try to tell other classes in next session who not benefited by Indian economy.

This is my own view so that is not necessary everyone agree with me. Keep in mind. If you feel other than that, then Constructive Comments will welcome.

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Wastage of money on Caller Tune

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Wastage of money on Caller Tune

In India fad of caller tune very tremendous in mobile market.
So many mobile companies provide this facility in 30 INR per month charges and charges 20 INR for one song for caller tune. This feels great to caller rather than mobile user. But in terms of money user get burden at least of 30INR. There are approximately more than 80 million mobile user in India and suppose half of user (i.e.40million approx.) use caller tune, mobile companies get almost 120 million INR (40 million user x 30INR=120 INR) so easy. Companies get this money with no more giving because software will not cost more than some Lacs of INR.

This important money goes from Auto rickshaw driver to IT engineer no one is exceptional. All my dear friends this money is our countries wealth don’t waste on such trifle things. Use mobile services to improve your income not for leisure now. Our country will not afford this waste of money now.

Think on value add services if necessary then only use.

for more details click Indian mobile user

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Delivery stock recommendation

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Tips for delivery

Best delivery recommendation for short term

Mascon Global

Current market price (CMP)= 21.60

This stock is right time to buy now. Buy it forget it. It will give you best return.
Try to always in delivery.

Gamble is dangerous to your wealth

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Force of Indian economy

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Force of Indian economy

Nowadays Indian economy seems getting strong day by day. This true Indian currency become strong slowly, cause exporter in shadow of fear. All things are looking great as economic view.

Everything become shining slowly. Middle class feel weight of there pocket, but really this growth satisfying everyone. Is there all things happen right? If answer is yes then no problem with growth.

As I walked on concrete road of city I don’t feel like this. You may assume I am critic of everything and my opinion is always come from negative side. I don’t care about. I am here to express what I feel and remaining things upon you.

I see through my x ray eyes that someone are unsatisfied. One or more than that classes are not satisfied with economy not only unsatisfied but also angry. They are hungry from it. They are contributed for economy but they get nothing in their hand. They become frustrated. Rest all classes say they get everything. They are getting habitual to beg.

First class that I feel nothing get from economy is FARMER

Today conditions of Indian farmer are very bad. They are frustrated. They are suicide everyday. There are so many reason analyses and other researcher gave. Fact is they are walked towards death. Slowly all farmer are become ill. …..

Later part I will write next time…

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My city Nasik

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My city Nasik

Nasik is district place in Maharashtra state located in India. Nasik is pilgrimage city. Population of Nasik is more than 1 million. Nasik is city of “mantra- yantra” means of industrialization as well as pilgrimage. Nasik is very beautiful city. Nasik located on bank of river “Godavari.” “Godavari” river called as “Ganga” of south India.

Special thing to remember is “KUMBHAMELA.” This Hindu religious ceremony comes after 12 years. Thousand of “sadhu” – holy people gathers here. It is so pleasant scene to watch. In Nasik peoples come from all over India as well as from foreign.

Nasik is industrial area also. So many small scale as well as big giant companies like Siemens, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Nasik is very nice place to invest money in new companies as well as in land also. Nasik is only 15o km from Mumbai. Nasik connected to Mumbai by road & rail also.

Nasik’s weather is pleasant in whole year. Once upon it was famous as summer holiday place. In recent year due to city area expand, due to this development tree cutting done for road and various other projects. Now green Nasik becomes little bit hot today.

This is my beautiful city if you come here enjoy it. There are so many hotels to stay in reasonable rate. This city now start to active in IT industry also, so job opportunity are huge.

Feel great to come here.

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story of become happy

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Story of become happy
One day one king was upset with his kingdom, money, leisure. So he asks to his advisor what to do become happy? Advisers give various advices. King tries it, but every time he fail to become happy. He get frustrate. He handed operation of kingdom in his son’s hand. Leave everything and walked away. Do you think this is easy decision for him? No!!

Once you are in search of destiny then you have to walk what ever price for it. He pays. He walked in deep forest towards crest of Himalayas. He forgets his hunger, his wants. Everything he can forget. But what he gets? Do you think he will get secret of happiness?
No!! He gets nothing…

If happiness is so easy, then everywhere you would find happy person. So till him in search that no one can find till. His cloths torn, no one can say that he is king. He becomes normal person. One day he becomes unconscious due to hunger, dehydration. One passerby sees him. Help him. It is so rare in nowadays any one help other, but he help. Do medication. King becomes healthy. Passerby asks about his identity. Who are you? Where from you? Similar question we may ask. Then what is great there. Yes!! There is great. Do you really think about it? Ask your self who are you? Where are you from? You would say that’s easy I am so and so live in India, America, and UK. Then think again on that. Answer of this question is not as easy as it look like first time.

Then king stolen his identity and told, He is in search of happiness. Then passerby helps him say, “There is one yogi in living in Himalaya. He can give you answer of you question.” King again prepare to journey of happiness. Kind person give him some food, some cloth for his journey. King left away this place. He starts his journey he walks for week, months. One same night after tired of walking he slept.

Magic happens in beautiful morning. As he opens his eye lid he saw white crest of Himalaya like his crown, river sing song. Various Himalayan birds creep, some holy people chanting mantra in morning. He does normal morning routine and passes away with instruction of holy people. He reaches to foot of Himalaya. Now he gets information about local people about Yogi. He walks toughest part of his journey and reached to Yogi.

Main story starts now. He tells Yogi about his question. Yogi closes his eyes. Think deeply on his question. Tell king come tomorrow morning. Next morning Yogi told, “Go your home.” King murmured, Yogi Keep his middle finger on his lips. King become quite. “Go your home and bring shirt of happy person and wear it. You will become happy.”

King return home takes all charges from son. King ordered to his all servants go and come back with shirt of happy person. All servants ran in every direction in search of shirt of happy person. But no one find person who is happy. Everyone have some problem in world. At last one servant come with king and told he hear about one happy person in so and son village but he is mood to give shirt. King then ordered servant brings this person in front of him. Servant brings this person in front of king. King tells this person what Yogi told him. Then happy person told one amazing thing to king. Now keep mind here. “ oh mighty king! Oh kind king, I would like to give you shirt for your happiness but I look at me I doesn’t have any on body.” King disappointed. Suddenly some smoke fill in room and Yogi appeared there. Give one wonderful line for king and also us. Possession is cause of unhappiness. who can live in his need only he can become happy person.

Think on that this story end here. Be happy…..

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Your mobile save money....

1 Money saving is money earning. Nowdays Expenses on mobile are so high. These small tips help you to save money which goes unnecessary.

2 Do call when necessary

3 Call more than 3 minutes that mean you need to meet personally.

4 Don’t quarrel on mobile, it break your image. Same time money goes in pocket of your mobile operator.

5 Don’t do SMS for time pass, rather than enjoy FM radio. It doesn’t have any charges in India.

Always remember your money is valuable for India and your family rather than mobile operator

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Sharpen your knoledge first

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Sharpen your Knowledge first.

If you have some level of knowledge in market, that’s great. Stops hold your tongue in mouth. You like to teach, tell your analyses to someone as hot tips.
If your tips hit in stock market that day, your chest fill ton of air. But think your analyses prove positive daily. How much you earn from you guts? Think on that…

So I am also in this phase so I learn new important thing. First sharpen your knowledge. Eat fruit of your knowledge then think to pass it people. That time every one respect your knowledge because that you had proved first.

So keep this in mind..…..

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008 | Labels: , , , , , , | 0 Comments |



When era of exchange start , born new world stunning concept in world name of it was

Money change its physical form and value in various country to country. Rather than other thing it change human life and their ethics so rapid rate .

Money become philosophy of life today. Money is one subject and view of all are different for money. Sometime it help to develop, some time it is reason of make soil of crown. Only hand changes, mind changes it remain constant. Sometime it transform beggar to king, sometime it make king to beggar. It is very fine tool to check human emotion.

No such any other thing change human history like money. Money is way of life today. Some people avoid grabbing money; some are hungry for money, some people afraid to money.

Then what you think about money ……..

Tell me I waiting…………..

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Indian share market

Friday, May 2, 2008 | Labels: , , , , | 0 Comments |


Ray of hope in indian share market.....

Today Indian stock market see glimpse of hope. Before month no one knows what will market direction. But I am hopeful.

Today 300 plus in ray of hope because from 15000 to 17000 it crosses almost 2500 mark SENSEX. Who was chanced to bottom fishing are very lucky because they get there rewards…..

Today I had see hopeful movement in NOIDA TOLL BRIDGE I am greatly positive on that stock. This is only first move of this dragon so every one who is interested in real estate company grab it.


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