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Dependencies in day to day life in India.

Friday, July 18, 2008 | Labels: , , , | |


Dependencies in day to day life in India.

We are totally depended of various countries and government organisation for following area of needs...
1 fuel for vehicles
2 electricity for home
3 mobile communication
4 food

These are basic area of dependancies which make us handicapped.
how can avoid or solve these problem or overcome those problems.

1 fuel for vechiles :

Tor these purpose everyone must have one bicycle in home. Bicycle helps us to minimise fuel use, also help to
keep healthy.

Try to use public transport system at maximum time.

2 Electricity for home

Construcut home to utilise maximun sun energy.

Try to build homemade windmill to generate harvest electricity from wind.

I am also try to make low cost domestic wind mill if i would succed in that give design of that on my blog.

3 Mobile communication

Various mobile companies exploit our money today. to overcome this problem if you have at leat diploma in electronics then try to
opt licence of HAM radio.

4 Food

utilise your free space near to home,to harvest minimum daily need food.

Basic of all those thing to make yourself free from dependancies and handicappedness.
In these period of high inflation in economy, be prepare to fight to survivie.

I know, I am not proffesional write but my thought may helpful to community whether their some spell or grammatical mistake.

If your motto is right then converstion takes place without proper word.

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