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India through my eyes

Friday, July 25, 2008 | Labels: , | |


India through my eyes

Mahtma Gandhi greatest inventor of “Satyagraha” means demand for truth. He makes non violence movement to get freedom to India. This is greatest achievement of human being to accomplish our demand through non violence.

But in this modern era in India this moment looks very tasteless to our political leader.
They seem this moment as joke now. So many times peoples also use this movement to satisfy their demands. So these weapons loose their sharpness.

It is now time to invent or re-sharpen this weapon. Corruption is one of the giant evil of Indian economy. Slowly corruption take as prestige as normal daily routine thing. If anyone refuse to bribe crowd look him as idiot person. Senses of crowd are gone out. Skin of this crowd and our leaders made thick so it loose their senses.

Various violence movements are also till present in India in name of “ Naxalites”. But this movement also loose their aim and they start to threat people for money. Sometime they look as Robin Hood for poor people but actually they use their sentiment and them for money, to acquire more money.

So many time they handshaking with business leader and provide them cheap manpower. This movement normally found near to naturally rich resources area.

There is till hope in Indian youth they are more justified thinkers. They have guts to achieve new horizon. This is only main reason that’s why India goes ahead.

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