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Market scan for 19/09/80

Friday, September 19, 2008 | Labels: , | |


Market outlook 19/09/08

Sensex 14042.32 726.72
Nifty 4245.25 207.10

American govt. will give helping hand to financial firm,to rescue from liquidity crisis. This assurance do market all over world make breath of relief.

So market again touched 14k level.

I was opened newspaper in morning and feel very sad on news of suicide of broker and his family, same another news of market related person. These are very sad news.

This two news cause think for my own statergy also.
I ordered some command myself also,
Don't gamble.

Try to make money on only extra money.

Don't make huge debt which are not in control.

Save money little when money come from market.These money will help in bad time.

This command also find needful to you also.

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