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Practical Intraday trading basic (Tips)

Friday, September 12, 2008 | Labels: , | |


Practical intraday trading basic

Market is logical who understand it and those who have huge money (those person or institute are market mover) else other all loser think market is illogical. This is my philosophy for market. It is not essential that everyone agree with me.
My emotions are not in favour of long term,those insist me always go for intraday. At first I did gambel only.As per probality i win some time and do lose more than earning money. With passing times I learn some basic of trading by practically.This some ideas and wise word I like to share with you.

First upon think about risk taking ability. How much risk you can bear in single day? So you protect your sum and remain in market for prolong time. Calculate maximum risk. Take only 25% of total maximum risk.

Do not rush behind sudden price gain in stock,if you greedy for that stop urge to by at market price wait some while when price down surged then buy it.Book profit in small amount as early as possible.

Your profit is defined at time of buying not on selling. So be cool at time of buying. Do not buy with greed.

Trade in small quantity.Over burden position buried you in huge loss

During buying wait for your desired rate. Market is period about five and half hour. So if you make one trade in ten minutes then you can minimum fifty trades. Then why you want to grab stock in so hurry. Wait and watch first.

Market is game of emotion, fear and greed act here. So use your emotion in favour of yourself.

Hope this tips help newcomers as well old intraday trader.

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