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Public share:Any respect?

Sunday, September 21, 2008 | Labels: , | |


Public share

So many Indian public invest in stock market. Day by day peoples aware about invest in stock market.

Indian public is such good investor in world. In old age they rely on gold. As time changes they make travel through bank Fixed Deposit to mutual fund. Now they settle on stock market.

That is reason in various big companies they hold respectable pie.

As per law ordinary share get right to vote.Every shareholder is owner of company. This found very good to listen, but practically they are nothing on company board even though they hold respectable pie in company.

So I thought there may necessity of some system so people can hold respectable position in company. Now days company only send proxy form individual and individual think what would happen with his few share. As cooperative system there is need of any mechanism to obtain there right as mob. With some direction. Goverment can help to investors in this matter as trustee.

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