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Thought about trading software

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 | Labels: , | |


Some Fact about Trading software and market.

If you are individual thinking for buy trading software then hold your thought for while.

Think first about investment, how much? If it is huge then go ahead.

Really you working in cash segment as well as derivative segment?

My thought about software

software first take some trading data as input then match with logic and various chart type then predict. Software predict right at most of the time. But market as input data so it require some time to produce result. This time is crucial. So first check accuracy of software.

Check whether software accurate in rumour,some good or bad market news.
Don't forget that software is logical phenomena so avoid overburden position using software.

Some software require good market as well as technical knowledge, various terms of market.

My self found Economics times of India and Business standard is good for study. Read this paper carefully as story book.

This is my own thought, if you have another experiences. You can write down here to share with all.

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