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Why we double tax for everything?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 | Labels: , | |


Why Goverment ask to Income tax?

I was going in market anda buy few things.Then paid money on M.R.P. This is normal thing but first time I stuck on lable of MRP with special sentence i.e. Incusive all taxes. Right this sentence was cause for thinking. I had some question in my mind.
This question I put down on this blog in the hope of answer by you or any other else.

From that instant I had check on every lable that we had pay any one tax to governet. Some tax for central goverment and some tax for state goverment. Even though introduction after VAT( value add tax :- this tax is attempt to make uniform tax structure all over India) we supposed we have to only VAT, still state goverment like maharashtra not in mood to withdraw octroi. That is thing we say double tax on same things.

If we pay tax for every thing which we buy then why goverment ask for income tax.

Goverment not gives any thing from income tax. They apply tax on same things twice. If we buy bike then we pay road tax, sales tax and much more.
Then what is goverment do with income tax. They are not use income tax to build road, then why they give road on BOT. Goverment earn from each side but they dosen't have will to spend for public.

I know my wording is not perfect but my question are perfect. Think on those question on their answer.

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