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Free Intraday Tips for 1 Dec 2008

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BUY Above 23.95
Stoploss 23.80
Target1 25.5
Target2 28.6

Sell below 23.75
Stoploss 23.85
Target1 21.3
Target2 19.38

Use of thisg indicates your acceptance of our Disclaimer.

Any action you choose to take in the market is totally your own responsibity. liable for any, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental damages or loss arising out use of this information is neither an offer to sell nor solicilation to buy any of the securities herein. The writer may or may not trading in the secureities mentioned.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008 | | 0 Comments |


Time to keep PEACE

Firing happened in Mumbai by little known terrorist Group.

They killed 97 peoples and many are injured. This terrorist attack ones again human beings cruelty.
What is crime of all those people who are killed?
Indian Army and NSG forces are in Operation to save people.
But it is time now think hardly on issue of terrorist. Review our security and information network.
KEEP PEACE. Note any suspicious movement then call to POLICE

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Intraday Trading Basic

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Intraday Trading Basic

Here i put every emotion and study when i feel during trading and after trading. This is my own experiences and reading. So if your are agree with me or not then please make comment to improve myself. Your sincere comments are always welcomed. If your are not intrested in market leave this place as soon as possible. You can enjoy this valuable time with your family and friends.

Trading is not Game of Chance

Trading is purely your skill to earn money. If your not get money then your not till skilled person in trading in market. If you belive in luck or not but in market skilled and luck is always walk hand in hand. So some proper skill of trading, No one and no other any trading software or system are 100% accurate.

Price of stock is represents every aspects of stock relation with index. Price is available to all of us, thats why market is fair market.

Discipline in Trading

Before market opening we are stick to our trading rules and discipline, opening bell ring then we are forget everything. All Discipline and rules are in our mind when market is closed and our pocket is drain out. Try to make discipline dope in our blood. Discipline is come from every aspects of life, it will nourishes your life if your faithful with discipline.

Don't forget make money is our goal. For this purpose we are doing trading. STICK TO GOAL ALWAYS.

Think on Buying

First step of in market for intra day is buying stock. Before buying remember, even though if we go for buying of wife's hair pin then also we see how it look likes, it matching for his dress, quality of hair pin. Then why we are so unaware about stock for intra day trading? We must careful before buying stock. When you fix to buy then buy at fair price, stock will not ran away from market so avoid to jump on pick. You will fall so sharp as you jump high. There is one famous dialog of Indian Actor,” gals and buses are always coming, as one passes one will come come soon”. Stock are also same like that so don't run behind stock. Rallies of bull and bear will always found there. Don't be hurry and panic.

Think of Selling

We can grab profit only after sell profitable stock at higher prices than buying. This is very simple phenomena but this only seem simple to hear but not really. Our greed stick our hand and tongue when we are profit so we are unable to book profit. When we are in loss then we always waiting for miracle and stock price will come in our favor. Try to throw away emotions, be with brain and logic in market. Grab profit as early as possible and take loss in minimum. It is quite wise to repair hole in ship intially so we can avoid to drain ship in ocean.

Here i have to stop today and i have so many thing to narrate here. But time is also matters. Remaining thing will come infront of you as soon as possible.

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Wisdom of Stock Market

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Keep in Wisdom Quotes when you are in market
1) "Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No 2: Never forget Rule No. 1." -
-Warren Buffett
2) "Large profits can be made in common stocks. Large losses can be made in common stocks."
-Peter Lynch
3) "A fool and his money are soon parted."
4) "A fool and his money were lucky to get together in the first place."
-W.C. Fields
5) "You should invest in a business that even a fool can run, because someday a fool will."
- Warren Buffett
6) "The key in life is to figure out who to be the bat boy for."
-Warren Buffett
7) "Let Wall Street have a nightmare and the whole country has to help them get back to bed again." - Will Rogers, The Autobiography of Will Rogers
8) "There are two fools in every market. One asks too little, the other asks too much." - Russian Proverb
9) "The elements of good trading: (1) cutting losses, (2) cutting losses, and (3) cutting losses. If you can follow these three rules, you may have a chance." -Ed Seykota
10) "That market doesn't care whether you are IN or OUT! With that being the case, my question is who are you competing against? Most people will answer 'everyone else' my response is 'look in the mirror.'" - Harald Anderson Analyst

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Sensex falls below 9,000 increse worries of investor

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Volatility was at the high, with the Sensex swinging 324.34 points, between the day's high and low. Finance Minister P Chidambaram's statement make some support to market but that is not sufficient.
Chidambaram today said the government will take steps to cutting duty on some industrial product to boost sell . Yesterday government give some relif for infrastructure sector. This all measure are considerable, but some time must go on to results,.
Upcoming elections are increase worries in investor’s mind. NRI investors keep faith on Indian economy and they pump considerable amount of dollar.
Japan's recession could last even longer than feared, the country's economy minister warned today, 18 November 2008. Japan slid into its first recession in seven years in the third quarter as the financial crisis curbed demand for Japanese exports, data on Monday, 17 November 2008 showed.
The S&P CNX Nifty fell 113.20 points, or 4.04%, to 2,686.35 as per the provisional figures.

Above I give today’s market Recap. Now I like to share some interesting facts in front of you. Obviously stock market is serious affair that means not that you make your faces long faces always. We can also cheer our faces even though we are not in profit. Just be relax ….
Okay today Indian Economy face recession market at lower side. So many investor away from market. This seems Okay. Think at in January Market was it’s top 21000, every one trying jump for buying even though share prices goes on 10 times top in year. 20Rs. Share climbs more than 250Rs. in years what was prospect you see at that time in that company?
Now those companies are plunged from its all time high to bottom most level. Then why no one come in front to Buy it?
I thought buying at low and sell on top is profit making move, then why everyone afraid from market? Is this bad time to buy?
Think on that if I am wrong then please give feedback in interest of all investor.

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INTRADAY: Desicision is yours!!

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Today market makes big swing upper side and recovers 310 points from its day low. Market closes in red but it alive hopes for while. Upcoming six months are being cautious for investor.


Volatility is high in market because of lower volume. This market is looking for intraday but not for investor who think for short term. Market makes huge gaps between previous closing with respect to its day close. This point increase worries in investor’s mind.

This is thunders time for intraday trader. It’s depend you that how much you and your boat strong to sail this time. So it’s your own decision goes in market or stay ahead to wait clear the market.

Some point about stop loss

Stop loss: Doing intraday with stop loss is very good habit. There should be some room to stock movement else every time your stop loss will be hit. Degree of risk you taken is defined stop loss so you have to calculate on your own knowledge.

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Indian market in mood of slow down

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Indian Market today opening is in some what balanced but after that Sensex plunged to near to 400 in red and nifty more than 100 points minus. Today metal stocks are pulling market heavily in red.

After that communication stock are pulling Sensex down, market analyst give warning to people to Sensex will touch 7500 and nifty near to 2000. Analyst warns people at the time of slaughtering not before. This six months looking very bad to Indian stock market. Try to keep your portfolio for long. This is not my advice, this is today’s necessity.

If you have any better idea, suggestion gives that suggestion to our investor. In this time avoid intraday trading with huge position. If you want to do intraday do intraday with proper risk calculation. So many experts Trader are book losses. So first think first how you hedge your risk then only take risk. Risk with proper hedging will not hit as war with proper planning and shield.

Hope is one of the good medicines. Keep patience. If you got profit in intraday book it. Withdraw payout and enjoy this money with your family first.
See sector live market map

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Free Basic Intraday Tips

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Free Basic Intraday Tips

Here I put those tips about intraday trading are based on my own intraday knowledge. I put here for your enhancement of knowledge. I feel glad if you use it and your feedbacks are welcome.

From last six year I did intraday in Indian stock market. With market ups and down I had booked so many profit and losses. I did so many mistakes, so obviously I feel no one repeat same mistake that I do.

Trade in Blue-chip stock
If your intraday trader rather than go for unknown stock. Do intraday in well known and good performance stock. Don’t carry delivery of intraday stock.

Small quantity for intraday is best

Do intraday in small quantity. Rather than make big burden on your small and sweet heart, small quantity little tension.
If you do in small quantity for intraday you can sustain even though in high volatility. Increase no. of trade, no of winning trade feel you happy.

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Future of Indian Economy

Thursday, November 13, 2008 | Labels: , | 0 Comments |


Future of Indian Economy

In the year of 2008 world are found in Tsunami of liquidity crunches. Then a liquidity crunch brings series of one after another problem. India also can not come out from this problem. Phase of this global slowdown also hits economy but amplitude is not high than other economies.

Indian has it own powerful factor, so it will come out easily from this crisis. To save economy of country from slowdown following powerful factor will help India;

Agriculture base economy
India is one of the top players in Agriculture world. There is very big market in Indian Agriculture industry which is untapped till.

Co-operative movement

India is not fully capitalized country. Co- operative movement runs in India very successfully. One of the great examples is AMUL. This field provides handful of money to most of Indian population. So by default spending power of Indian people will not affect by this global slowdown.

Public sector companies

In India public sector companies play very powerful role in industry. Those companies serve to nation with there product as well as there balance sheet is so strong to ease from liquidity crunches.

New step in field of Science and Technology
Indian scientist are contributing very good role to make economy independent. Recently India takes very powerful step by sending Chandryan-1 on moon. In space India become one of leading country.

Strong political leadership

This factor pays very powerful role for stable economy. India is democratic country. India has top most economists as Prime Minister. Mr. Manmohan singh is India’s Hon able Prime Minister. He is very optimistic person. Recently he visited Gulf countries for to collect Petro-dollar. This shows his brilliancy.

These entire factors are confidently will build India from this economical problem.

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Spending wisely !!

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Spend wisely

Today in India mall become increasing as mushrooms after rain, you get loan easily as compare to past. IT profession or other lucrative profession’s paid payment more than to competitor to maintain skilled and loyal man power. Impact of all things that so many small computers related firms must have to pay good amount to their employees. This all things make us proud by default because economical development provides luxuries in life.

In same time we forgot that all things build by on foundation on our last generation. They kept their minds ready to maintain saving habit. This money provides us today’s prosperity. In recent generation we are not totally forget saving habits, but time start to faint to them. Before time erase this habit from root we to provide some fertilizer and nutrition to save this habit.

In starting of 2008 Indian stock market plunge and so many people feel they had liquidity crunches. We are spending very relax before this crunch. Now we feel to global slowdown because we feel hole in our pocket. So before our bad spending habit make us worry we have to keep slim this habit. Because our money are hard earned money

Here I try to give you some tips for wisely spending

Pay first to you.

It is must pay some money to first to develop saving habits. Your personal development must pay first. This makes you fit to sustain any problem and increase your pay , because you have confidence and extra knowledge other than your colleague. So first pay yourself.

Make list
When you go to shopping, before that make list of everything you required. Avoid unwanted items. So many you experience you go without list your pocket empty so fast you could not realize where this money goes. Before shopping we must prepare for it. Try to buy for whole month or two, you found good concession on bulk buying.

It is must to at least do 25% saving from monthly pay which is in your hand.
For make future secure you have to some money in your hand. If you dosen’t have this then you may go for lending loan. This loan will burn your wealth in interst. Try to avoid loans when not necessary.

Budgeting monthly expense with 10% surplus amount
T o fulfill unexpected expenses which occur within month you have some surplus amount in your hand. Lack of surplus amount your budget may collapse. So you again found extra unwanted spending in your budget.

Make bargain
when you feel price are high or even though MRP because it is maximum price try to get things in minimum price of them. Bargain is one of the great skills. You found bargain from grocery market to stock market. Try to learn and handle with care this power of bargain.

Avoid branded product
When not necessary, avoid branded product. Branded product may charge huge money in name of research. Some product are so small and one time use you doesn’t required branded one then avoid such brand. You have to pay for product advertising.

Don’t forget to give your feedback.

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Intraday tips for 12/11/08 nse and bse

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 | Labels: , , | 0 Comments |


Intraday tips for 17/09/08 nse and bse

Cairn Ind

BUY Above 148.61

Sell below

Use of this blog indicates your acceptance of our Disclaimer.
Any action you choose to take in the market is totally your own responsibity. liable for any, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental damages or loss arising out use of this information is neither an offer to sell nor solicilation to buy any of the securities herein. The writer may or may not trading in the secureities mentioned.

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Sensex plunges over 700 points and S&P CNX Nifty tumbled over 200 points
Due to fall in exports, global recession fears

Market tumbled today as fall in India's exports for the first time in five years in October 2008 and China's massive $600 billion economic stimulus package announced on Sunday, 9 November 2008 was not able to make investor mind rely for patience. The BSE 30-share Sensex make deep 700 points and S&P CNX Nifty tumbled over 200 points, .

Reduction in India's growth predicted by one of the big US bank Morgan Stanley also act as fuel to worse selling pressure fire. Morgan Stanley also forecast Indian GDP growth in range of to 5.7% from 6.5%. All these things are cause of red color of stocks remain on head on trader and investors.

There is also fear in global investor, China’s economy will not follow path of US economy. China’s bailout package seems as one of evidence for slowdown. If this happen then we will be part of history global slowdown.

The BSE 30-share Sensex slumped 731.90 points, or 6.95%, to 9,804.26 as per provisional closing. At the day's low of 9,800.67 hit in late trade, the Sense crashed 735.49 points. The Sensex lost 138.80 points at the day's high of 10,397.36 in early trade.

In intraday session all 30 stock BSE make huge gap with yesterdays closing. Yesterday’s 500 point gain was swept out today. This day become for investor, but who is in short they will gain good amount of money today. Yet in Indian market future feel in red. Be cautious. Book profit .This type of market seem good for short selling in intraday, be clever then only do short selling this is my humble advise to all my friends.

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Trading software..... Facts

Saturday, November 8, 2008 | Labels: , | 0 Comments |


Trading software........Facts

In market when you doing trading for long while then automatically you heard about intraday trading software. This software helps to select stock and give online real time intraday tips. These things are true. Then question raise in mind, can I do intraday trading without trading software?. This make so much jumbles, so I try to ray of glimpse on that.

Trading software is found new to Indian but in American stock market it available from last few decades. Every new thing is found successful but with passing of time this thing loose original success. Same is happen with those software in America there are so many broking houses purchased this type of software, still those software are found unsuccessful to avoid loses by those firm in 1970 havoc and turmoil of 1992 of IT industry.

No matter software are works for their define work, still they have limitation. Software works on logic. That logic feed them by software designer. Software logic gives in terms of various TRUE and FALSE conditions. This is nothing but try making copy of human mind. Software works compute input data with their inbuilt logic. Important thing is that human mind take step on various conditions as he found environment.

By default software need some input data to make result as software takes so many data then its logic proves then on says it is proved one. So remember there is no need to afraid from software. Because human brain is still super computer.

If you have proper patience, concentration and experience one can make decision faster than any software. So be happy and make intraday trading without any tips and software on your own judgment.

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Indian Economy sound good

Monday, November 3, 2008 | | 0 Comments |


Indian market closing 500+, this is second consecutive day market close in green with huge gain.
Reserve bank of India found success to their remedies to curb inflation. This very tough task to maintain GDP with controlled inflation. RBI trying best for maintains financial stability. India found such knowledgeable Prime minister and finance minister at the time of global slowdown. Today Prime minister visit to top of India Inc. He also make clear, this financial crisis are deep and prolonged.

Market also gives positive response for those quotes. Be patient! Dark time not remain for ever. This is darkness before of sun rise and everyone get fruit for their patience. It is time for small buying. Market is place of uncertainty. Every investor know it, so why we get panic?…..

Stocks for looking best for short term



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