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Free Basic Intraday Tips

Sunday, November 16, 2008 | Labels: , | |


Free Basic Intraday Tips

Here I put those tips about intraday trading are based on my own intraday knowledge. I put here for your enhancement of knowledge. I feel glad if you use it and your feedbacks are welcome.

From last six year I did intraday in Indian stock market. With market ups and down I had booked so many profit and losses. I did so many mistakes, so obviously I feel no one repeat same mistake that I do.

Trade in Blue-chip stock
If your intraday trader rather than go for unknown stock. Do intraday in well known and good performance stock. Don’t carry delivery of intraday stock.

Small quantity for intraday is best

Do intraday in small quantity. Rather than make big burden on your small and sweet heart, small quantity little tension.
If you do in small quantity for intraday you can sustain even though in high volatility. Increase no. of trade, no of winning trade feel you happy.

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