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Indian market in mood of slow down

Sunday, November 16, 2008 | Labels: , | |


Indian Market today opening is in some what balanced but after that Sensex plunged to near to 400 in red and nifty more than 100 points minus. Today metal stocks are pulling market heavily in red.

After that communication stock are pulling Sensex down, market analyst give warning to people to Sensex will touch 7500 and nifty near to 2000. Analyst warns people at the time of slaughtering not before. This six months looking very bad to Indian stock market. Try to keep your portfolio for long. This is not my advice, this is today’s necessity.

If you have any better idea, suggestion gives that suggestion to our investor. In this time avoid intraday trading with huge position. If you want to do intraday do intraday with proper risk calculation. So many experts Trader are book losses. So first think first how you hedge your risk then only take risk. Risk with proper hedging will not hit as war with proper planning and shield.

Hope is one of the good medicines. Keep patience. If you got profit in intraday book it. Withdraw payout and enjoy this money with your family first.
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