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Intraday Trading Basic

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 | Labels: | |


Intraday Trading Basic

Here i put every emotion and study when i feel during trading and after trading. This is my own experiences and reading. So if your are agree with me or not then please make comment to improve myself. Your sincere comments are always welcomed. If your are not intrested in market leave this place as soon as possible. You can enjoy this valuable time with your family and friends.

Trading is not Game of Chance

Trading is purely your skill to earn money. If your not get money then your not till skilled person in trading in market. If you belive in luck or not but in market skilled and luck is always walk hand in hand. So some proper skill of trading, No one and no other any trading software or system are 100% accurate.

Price of stock is represents every aspects of stock relation with index. Price is available to all of us, thats why market is fair market.

Discipline in Trading

Before market opening we are stick to our trading rules and discipline, opening bell ring then we are forget everything. All Discipline and rules are in our mind when market is closed and our pocket is drain out. Try to make discipline dope in our blood. Discipline is come from every aspects of life, it will nourishes your life if your faithful with discipline.

Don't forget make money is our goal. For this purpose we are doing trading. STICK TO GOAL ALWAYS.

Think on Buying

First step of in market for intra day is buying stock. Before buying remember, even though if we go for buying of wife's hair pin then also we see how it look likes, it matching for his dress, quality of hair pin. Then why we are so unaware about stock for intra day trading? We must careful before buying stock. When you fix to buy then buy at fair price, stock will not ran away from market so avoid to jump on pick. You will fall so sharp as you jump high. There is one famous dialog of Indian Actor,” gals and buses are always coming, as one passes one will come come soon”. Stock are also same like that so don't run behind stock. Rallies of bull and bear will always found there. Don't be hurry and panic.

Think of Selling

We can grab profit only after sell profitable stock at higher prices than buying. This is very simple phenomena but this only seem simple to hear but not really. Our greed stick our hand and tongue when we are profit so we are unable to book profit. When we are in loss then we always waiting for miracle and stock price will come in our favor. Try to throw away emotions, be with brain and logic in market. Grab profit as early as possible and take loss in minimum. It is quite wise to repair hole in ship intially so we can avoid to drain ship in ocean.

Here i have to stop today and i have so many thing to narrate here. But time is also matters. Remaining thing will come infront of you as soon as possible.

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