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Sensex falls below 9,000 increse worries of investor

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 | Labels: , , | |


Volatility was at the high, with the Sensex swinging 324.34 points, between the day's high and low. Finance Minister P Chidambaram's statement make some support to market but that is not sufficient.
Chidambaram today said the government will take steps to cutting duty on some industrial product to boost sell . Yesterday government give some relif for infrastructure sector. This all measure are considerable, but some time must go on to results,.
Upcoming elections are increase worries in investor’s mind. NRI investors keep faith on Indian economy and they pump considerable amount of dollar.
Japan's recession could last even longer than feared, the country's economy minister warned today, 18 November 2008. Japan slid into its first recession in seven years in the third quarter as the financial crisis curbed demand for Japanese exports, data on Monday, 17 November 2008 showed.
The S&P CNX Nifty fell 113.20 points, or 4.04%, to 2,686.35 as per the provisional figures.

Above I give today’s market Recap. Now I like to share some interesting facts in front of you. Obviously stock market is serious affair that means not that you make your faces long faces always. We can also cheer our faces even though we are not in profit. Just be relax ….
Okay today Indian Economy face recession market at lower side. So many investor away from market. This seems Okay. Think at in January Market was it’s top 21000, every one trying jump for buying even though share prices goes on 10 times top in year. 20Rs. Share climbs more than 250Rs. in years what was prospect you see at that time in that company?
Now those companies are plunged from its all time high to bottom most level. Then why no one come in front to Buy it?
I thought buying at low and sell on top is profit making move, then why everyone afraid from market? Is this bad time to buy?
Think on that if I am wrong then please give feedback in interest of all investor.

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