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Spending wisely !!

Thursday, November 13, 2008 | Labels: , , | |


Spend wisely

Today in India mall become increasing as mushrooms after rain, you get loan easily as compare to past. IT profession or other lucrative profession’s paid payment more than to competitor to maintain skilled and loyal man power. Impact of all things that so many small computers related firms must have to pay good amount to their employees. This all things make us proud by default because economical development provides luxuries in life.

In same time we forgot that all things build by on foundation on our last generation. They kept their minds ready to maintain saving habit. This money provides us today’s prosperity. In recent generation we are not totally forget saving habits, but time start to faint to them. Before time erase this habit from root we to provide some fertilizer and nutrition to save this habit.

In starting of 2008 Indian stock market plunge and so many people feel they had liquidity crunches. We are spending very relax before this crunch. Now we feel to global slowdown because we feel hole in our pocket. So before our bad spending habit make us worry we have to keep slim this habit. Because our money are hard earned money

Here I try to give you some tips for wisely spending

Pay first to you.

It is must pay some money to first to develop saving habits. Your personal development must pay first. This makes you fit to sustain any problem and increase your pay , because you have confidence and extra knowledge other than your colleague. So first pay yourself.

Make list
When you go to shopping, before that make list of everything you required. Avoid unwanted items. So many you experience you go without list your pocket empty so fast you could not realize where this money goes. Before shopping we must prepare for it. Try to buy for whole month or two, you found good concession on bulk buying.

It is must to at least do 25% saving from monthly pay which is in your hand.
For make future secure you have to some money in your hand. If you dosen’t have this then you may go for lending loan. This loan will burn your wealth in interst. Try to avoid loans when not necessary.

Budgeting monthly expense with 10% surplus amount
T o fulfill unexpected expenses which occur within month you have some surplus amount in your hand. Lack of surplus amount your budget may collapse. So you again found extra unwanted spending in your budget.

Make bargain
when you feel price are high or even though MRP because it is maximum price try to get things in minimum price of them. Bargain is one of the great skills. You found bargain from grocery market to stock market. Try to learn and handle with care this power of bargain.

Avoid branded product
When not necessary, avoid branded product. Branded product may charge huge money in name of research. Some product are so small and one time use you doesn’t required branded one then avoid such brand. You have to pay for product advertising.

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