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Trading software..... Facts

Saturday, November 8, 2008 | Labels: , | |


Trading software........Facts

In market when you doing trading for long while then automatically you heard about intraday trading software. This software helps to select stock and give online real time intraday tips. These things are true. Then question raise in mind, can I do intraday trading without trading software?. This make so much jumbles, so I try to ray of glimpse on that.

Trading software is found new to Indian but in American stock market it available from last few decades. Every new thing is found successful but with passing of time this thing loose original success. Same is happen with those software in America there are so many broking houses purchased this type of software, still those software are found unsuccessful to avoid loses by those firm in 1970 havoc and turmoil of 1992 of IT industry.

No matter software are works for their define work, still they have limitation. Software works on logic. That logic feed them by software designer. Software logic gives in terms of various TRUE and FALSE conditions. This is nothing but try making copy of human mind. Software works compute input data with their inbuilt logic. Important thing is that human mind take step on various conditions as he found environment.

By default software need some input data to make result as software takes so many data then its logic proves then on says it is proved one. So remember there is no need to afraid from software. Because human brain is still super computer.

If you have proper patience, concentration and experience one can make decision faster than any software. So be happy and make intraday trading without any tips and software on your own judgment.

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