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Appeal to Mr.Right investor

Friday, January 23, 2009 | | |


Public transportation in Nasik.
Long distance travel in Nasik is good, but when we come across local public transport then you feel hassle. There is too much shortages of buses. So many autos are running, they charged irregular charges.

When I thinked on this issue, then I realized public transport system how much essential in our daily life. Roads are veins of any country. In our city "Nasik" roads are in very good condition but shortage of buses on so many roots make life miserable. In this issue small school going childrens faces so many problem. They ran behind buses to catch it on time,due to this so many accidents are made daily routine. I like to attract private players on this issue, they may start invest money in this sector. This will help society as well as they can earn good money also. Hope this blog read by Mr. Right.

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