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Basic technical knowledge for Intraday trading

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 | Labels: , , | |


Chart Reading
Stock Chart is pictorial representation of stock movement. Duration of graph vary from daily to yearly as per your need. This is some initial and essential basic knowledge. I like to share with you one by one for your and my convince. With help of chart one can predict future of any stock, or future movement of stock. You had seen to many technical analyst advice all viewer investor. This is same knowledge they having. so if your active trader you must have read and understand chart and analysis to it.

Chart reading required basic knowledge of notation of chart. You can select Group A share in particular sector, select three or four share of two or more sector. Try to understand intraday chart of those stock. Daily practise of chart reading make you expert in technical, by default you earn money in intraday.
First we see notation Bar chart,

Basic notation Bar chart

When you see any stock bar chart then there you find some vertical stick with horizontal branch. Do you know this Bar chart notation? if yes then go ahead, if no then see in below and understand it. if you want earn money in intraday share trading then you have to knowledge of chart reading.

For your your daily exercise you can get intraday chart here
Intraday Stock chart

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