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In search of Techinical analysis software

Sunday, January 11, 2009 | Labels: | |


Today I was trying to found any one free software for technical analysis. Then I stuck witth Qtstalker .

As I read following line from one website,
“Qtstalker project is a user friendly Technical Analysis package for GNU/Linux. Similar to commercial wares such as Metastock, Supercharts and Tradestation. Keeps to a lean, simple design for speed, portability, and low resource usage. Because it uses a plugin model, Qtstalker can easily be extended.

Qtstalker is 100% free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. An active development community is continually adding new features. We appreciate your input towards creating a world-class GNU/Linux TA package”

I was impress with those words and search destination address on Google for download this software. I had download source File “ Qtstalker-0.36” . After messing with 5 hours with this software but it did not install on my Fedora linux.( I am not expert use linux.) I had deleted this software and again as usual go for google and tried to found RPM format for my Fedora.Now I found one reason why you have be expert in linux. First time when I had download Qtstalker then its size is 1MB but in form of RPM its size was 9MB. Al last after 12 hours i had install Qtstalker on my Fedora linux with using Softaware installer. This is actually spoon feeding by FEDORA, till i am happy to install it.Let us Hope this software working well.

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