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Intraday trading for EARN MONEY

Sunday, January 4, 2009 | Labels: | |


Before going in market read this , This will save your money

The great majority of professional traders have always made “day trades.” Many professional traders make small day trades to “probe” the market’s strength or weakness. This all the way of intraday trading. One can make bread and butter by intra day trading.

Volatility is better for day trading

In day trading volatility is best to gain. In normal condition you have to wait and use your special skill set and experience of trading to make profitable trade, but in volatile trading session you can make trade faster and in favor of you. Just you have to watch pattern of stock price. If you are able to track high and lows of stock in time of 15-20 minute, you should buy in low and sell to high or sell in high and buy in low i.e. short selling.

Study the stock

Before doing intraday trading in fortnight makes study of stock. This is same like sharpen your axe before cutting else you will your lose your energy and money in market so you have to prepare first to choose stock and make trade.

Those are basic intrady tips before go in market.

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