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LIC 's Market Plus-1 plan

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 | Labels: , | |


I had check some Tax saving fund scheme from some days, i like one scheme presented by LIC. I like to share some information of this policy here. This information will found helpful to decide Tax saving.

LIC Market Plus-1 (Table No.1)

Broad Befits given by this policy.

  • Invest in Blue chip companie

  • Minimum management charges

  • After 3 years you can with-drawl money, without any extra charges
    pension option

  • You can deny insurance cover to get maximum benefit

  • Four attractive option (Fund)

  • Natural or accidental insurance shield also available

  • If your not able to pay primum of three years then also you can continue insurance shield

  • For more details and conformation please visit to LIC agent or LIC authorise office

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