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One silent moment at Rushikesh

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 | | |


Rishikesh is very beautiful place. River Ganga's flow enriches soil of india which passes from here. Ganga enter in Rishikesh through two big mountain. Flow of water have tremendous pressure, heart stop when we watch this flow and our head are bow in front of nature. Nature gives Ganga river as gift to Rishikesh. This place calm your mind and refresher your soul and body. Once you visit to Rishikes then you found,why old sadhus and rishi ( holy person) prefer this place for to reach in path of God.

When i sat down on bank of Ganga my and see entry of river in Rishikes, my mind stop wandering. I found in my own cell. All the voices of crowd goes in deep center of my mind, presence of crowd vanishes for me. My presence also vanishes by sound of water, water and i am become one. What a pleaseant silent! No more attachment to body no more wants remain. Just mind flow with water. That was evening and all scene goes in silent. Light become dim and mind also become ease. Suddenly my friend put his hand on my shoulder, i was again on this world. This is time to leave this place. I always miss this moment.

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