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Personal budgeting

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 | Labels: | |


Personal budgeting

No matter how much you earn. How much you rich? Even rich man also require money management. Managing money is essential need for stay away financial problem.

We should know goal of money,where our money goes,for what purpose money goes? To know this all thing about money are very important. I provide you some raw path to achieve your financial freedom.

Make daily spending notes on paper. This is find some unusual in first instance, latter made up habit.

Then you conclude where your money wastes. Avoid those way of wastes.

List of your next months spending in advance.

Know your financial capacity on those data. Don't over exploit your credit and capacity, if you do this carelessly then it will create serious financial problem.

Hope this will be my little effort to help you in being rich man.

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