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Run you car with water and SAVE MONEY!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009 | Labels: , | |


Run your car with water and save MONEY!!

This sentence may surprise you, but this is possible. This fact tell us Professor Brown .

One liter of water makes 1860 liters of Brown's gas

Brown gas is alternative energy source which is cost effective, helps to our pocket also with smiling face.

Normally we very well know that hydrogen gas is explosive and it is very hard to store. This problem are solved with Brown gas. By using electricity from the battery we can generate Brown's gas, which contains enough energy to move the car. You can save your valuable money as well as keep mother earth GREEN!

There is Ready kit available in market which directly fitted with your car.

Brown gas help you in

  • Almost doubles your mileage and helps you save a few hundred dollars on gas per month

  • Makes your engine last longer

  • Reduces your maintenance costs

  • Greatly enhances engine's power and performance

  • Protects your environment

  • Prevents global warming

  • Reduces the noise produced by your engine

  • Limits harmful emissions

Brown Gas is also very useful in welding. There is so much scope to utilize Brown gas in various fields.

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