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Technical data provider for Technical analysis.

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EOD data Provider

For on line Real time data in India for you software to analyzing real time market you found to much hassles. so I like to give one good data provider. Yahoo finance is one of fastest free data provider, but there is some problem with yahoo! you can not found future and nifty future data on Yahoo. 

True data provider gives you on-line data and also historical data. is provide data with nominal charges with this above link you can benefit it. 

There is another interesting on-line chart provider for India is This web provider is provide you lot of information with real time. For this web just you have to Java and micro-media flash player. Don't worry if doesn't having this you can get it on net in seconds. this is another web provide you current buzzing stock in real time. This web provide very good information in market hour which will useful in intraday to earn money. Buzzing stock also help to recommand you about your own stock. It provides lot of charts for your study. It provide intraday as well as three month charts MACD.

All above links information provides you Technical data to earn money in intraday as well as delivery.

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