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Very good Demat service..just check it!!

Monday, January 12, 2009 | Labels: | |


ICICIDIRECT.COM is one of the great example of product improvement. ICICIDIRECT.COM continuously improve their product services. ICICIDIRECT.COM is not only provide you De-mat account but also provide you one stop investment solution.

With help of ICICIDIRECT.COM you should enjoy following services

De-mat Account

Access to your normal account

Stock research Customize as well as standard

Charting is one of newest facility provided

Continuous guide for stock choosing with good track (this is purely my view, it need not you may agree with me.)

Direct investment in stock, Mutual fund, Postal saving,Insurance

ICICIDIRECT.COM provides on line education portal in name of University (which is very good source to beginner)

High level of security in form of password changing and virtual keyboard for password feeding

There is some disadvantages also, they are as below

Not suitable for Trader

Price watch is difficult, you can check only one stock at time

You need to remind new password after every 15 days ( this is for security purpose, but it may cause to forget password)

If you overall overview this list you would find ICICIDIRECT.COM is very good service provider to investors.

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