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Budget Make unhappy

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 | Labels: , | |


Sixth interim budget two days before by Mr. Prnab Mukharji. Expectation of trader and investor are not fulfil by this budget. Impact of this sadness witnessed last two days maket. Market goes in RED two day in row. Investor and trader as well as industries not happy with budget. Normal employees are also waitng for any good news on the base of recession period. So many job cuts were did so, income tax payer were in wait of any tax cut. So they get little air to breath.

This is main story of union budget. Not prove on expectation of people. After this budget every one going to get busy in election work. So no other positive hope will seem to pull market from this worst condition. I think market will in RED. What is your opinion? Write down your opinion about market future.

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