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Foot marks of 2008 in Indian Economy

Saturday, February 21, 2009 | Labels: , | |


2008 much stress I feel on my mind when say this two word. 2008 teach every Indian Investor much more than last five years in Indian Economy. Indian Economy are witnessed of joy and sorrow in 2009 given by footmarks of 2008.

In start Indian key benchmark SENSEX in on life high in January and 52 week low in October. Joy of money and heat of fall both were feel in same year.

I saw one of my best friend build kingdom from nothing in single year
and collapse this kingdom after than one year for nothing. My best friend is active member in Nifty future and witnessed of tsunami in Indian Economy. There are so many example in Indian Economy as well as in whole world.

Why this happen? If you have answer please feedback for it. It might save many mores life and money.

I feel their is only two factor in market one greed and another is fear. Both those factor are decide financial condition of individual. If you feel another one tell to us here.

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