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LIC' Health Plus - 901 Insurance

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LIC' Health Plus - 901

"Health is wealth" this sentence we were heard to many times from childhood. You are creator of your wealth and health. Today in fast changing world, we are want wealth as health. Today individual get cautious wealth as well as health.

Health is very delicate to protect. Every one has to exercise daily for fit and fight. Do jogging in morning. All those activities are trying to do every one. But there is chances to some unhappy moments may come in our or our lovable members, then we need some health protection shield. Our doctor provide this shield to us and our loving members.

Medication and hospitalization is to much expensive today. So everyone want to hedge this risk with health insurance. I like to provide some overview information health insurance  from of reputed insurance on India, "LIC of India"

LIC' Health Plus - 901

  • pure health insurance, hence no mortality cover

  • a unit- linked product

  •  - premium paid will be subject to allocation charge
     -Balance credited to policy fund account

  • Policy fund account will be subject to

  •  - Health cover charges plus service tax
     - Policy charge
  • These charges shall be deducted on monthly basis

  • Policy fund will invested as per below

  •  -Not less than 50% in Govt. securities/Govt.. guaranted securities and corporate debt.
     -Not less than 10% and not more than 50% euity.
     - Balance money market instruments
     -Single Fund- no chioice of funds, no swithcing
     - NAV declared daily


  • Premium

  •  -Max. Premium -No limit
     -MIn Premium (p.a.) Rs 5000 for single life
      Rs 7500 for 2 lives
      Rs 10000 for more than 2
      -Minimum will also depend on level of cover
      In multiples of Rs 500/-

    This are basic condition for this health insurance. For more detail Go near by office or call to any LIC agent who gives you door step service

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