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Mobile suck money

Friday, February 13, 2009 | Labels: , | |


Mobile suck money

In India mobile communication become deep rooted in villages to villages, still there are huge market potential in this sector. So many giants provide mobile services to user. There is so lucrative plans are available in bag of mobile companies. Mobile communication change face of India. Development change it's speed from bullock cart to jet.

Mobile companies are presents so many prepaid plan initially, but uncertainty of bill, miss billing, so many hidden factor in bill divert mobile user from postpaid connection to prepaid connection. This is first time user where they were feel sometime, they were cheated by unknown factor. Those factors problems (factors) were started from marketing peoples. Marketing peoples create scene like user would get every call on little paisa but end of month bill reached to customer their faces become blue. That was few reason huge customer are shifted from postpaid to prepaid. I know this problem was not single company, this problem with whole mobile industry.

As big square of customer shifted to prepaid then every companies changes their policy to retain their prepaid customer. They come with so many new offers, sometimes they give full talk time on charging, sometime they gives more talk time than recharge value. One or two companies become market leader in space of volatile customer segment. They come with young force of sales for this.

As slow poisoning now mobile companies know very well that mobile become necessity of mob. So they slowly start to pull rope of trap. They decreases talk time of recharge. Now this time customer unwillingly pay more than 40 % money as in name of activation charges and taxes. Mobile slowly convert useful gadget to money sucking gadget.

Still there is hopes in customers hand. They can change companies, scattered themselves in bag of various mobile provider. Give chances to new mobile player. This will helpful to minimize monopoly. At last use mobile only when necessary, even though you will get 50% reduced after three minutes of talk. Customer can remain KING in market just they have to educate and update with new era.

Hope this words like readers and save there hard earned money. Feedback on saving money are welcomed.

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