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Really Nifty headdown 2200?

Sunday, February 15, 2009 | Labels: , | |


As I am surfing on various blog in morning, I stuck with following new which is found interesting. I thought this news must be past for my blog reader. If you must be feedback your opinion, which will help investor and trader on Indian globe.

What you think Really nifty heading down towards 2200? This is serious to think. But you may convert this position in your favor if you are trader with your own skill set. Don't Panic. KEEP Patience.

Last week, Nifty March 2200 put option saw a significant build-up in positions, which analysts term as abnormal, because the underlying Nifty index was as far as 2900-levels. The argument is that only an informed investor can take such a bet, in such an uncertain market.

Theoretically, if an investor buys Nifty 2200 put when the index is at 2900, it would mean that he is expecting the index to fall to around 2200. So, if the index is not headed southward, he would lose money. But real-time trading strategies are not as simple as this, which is the reason why many market participants are flummoxed.

This is news cut for your convince if you want to read full you can visit Nifty headed to 2200?

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