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Save Fuel , Save Earth, Save Money

Monday, February 23, 2009 | Labels: , , | |


Save Fuel , Save Earth, Save Money

In this age of industlisation fuel requirement of every human being increases. Fuel become first factor in development of any nation without fuel you can't think about fuel development. So competition to consume fuel increases in this hundred year is more than other era.
Green house effect on of the adverse problem, cause of Green house effect is gaseous emitted after fuel burning. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are main contain to increase Green house effect.

If we want to save our Mother Earth this is time to take some steps by everyone.
Fuel is essential one but it also throw our existence in danger. We have to adopt middle path to solve problem.

Some step I like to suggest here;

  • Use public transportation.

  • If use of private vehicle is essential then do maximum work in single sound

  • Clean carborator regular
  • Use unleaded petrol

  • In home do total preparation before cooking which will save will cooking gas

  • Save trees, those are friends of human they provide oxygen survive everyone. Do new plantation.

Those are basic steps which save your money ,save Earth and save our and our families existence. If you have more ideas share with us by giving comment.

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