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Sunday, February 22, 2009 | | |


In afternoon I took little nap. Then one Ginni was appear in front me. I frighten first instance. Then he roar, "Do any wish my Lord?" Then i reset my vibration of body into courage. I didn't want to present myself as lamb.

In whole life there is no chance to someone ask me "my wish". I was confused with this diff rent question. My wish... Really first time I scratched my head and present my wish list.

As finance sector worm , my wish also reflects my origin. This list like ;

  • To advice Government to remove taxes.

  • To remove sub taxes which apply on main taxes like professional tax, so many cesses.

  • Remove 200% taxes from liquor.,

  • Build house for me( home must be made yourself).

  • Do some pity on bitten day trader and investor.

and many more . Now I don't remember. If you have any wish tell to me I can put in front of Ginni.

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