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Basic how know of Intraday trading

Saturday, March 14, 2009 | Labels: , | |


We ever see from our parents and older people that no one can RICH in single day, working hard for money is necessary. Then why investor are turn to intraday trading? Is this way of become RICH?

Intraday trader are person who take decision quickly to earn money fast. Intraday trading is very risky business if you want to jump only by reading this line then REMEMBER!! If you can earn fast then then fall on floor from top very quickly. KEEP IN MIND. If you are earn fast then there is heavy risk to loose fast.

Only skilled person are survive and earn money in intraday. So first educate yourself. It is business of greed. It is not game of money, but it is game of emotion. Try to make your emotion in your favor not your against. Then only chances to earn money.

I don't want to demoralize you. I want to aware you this is not others experiences. It is my own experience say for your futures sake.

Hire professional help. Learn every aspects of Intraday trading. Initially do paper trading. Surf on web, here you can found junk of books and other material on intraday or day trading.

When you are found sufficient knowledge and confidence then only come in market. Indian market is very good market for trading.

Do trading in small quantity on minimum risk.

Here you can find so huge material of Intraday basic. Use it

Hope this article found found helpful to you. If you want any help write to me.

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