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Brain gain for India and China

Sunday, March 8, 2009 | Labels: | |


From 40 years country like India and China were provide money of Income Tax payers for education purpose. So many peoples were come with master's in their respective field. That time such talented mob headed their journey for US to shine their carrier, cause brain drain in India and China. Indian and Chinese community of innovative people contribute to develop and innovate so many things for US.

Tickle of clock gone forward and time change. Post 9/11 world of immigration tighten their jaws firmly. Slowdown in US economy change scenario, various critical laws add problem for such immigration process. Job cuts and uncertainty in US now force to go back their home. This is Brain Gain for India and China. Mr Wadhwa in Washington Post today pointing out,"America's loss will be the world's gain". 80 percent of them in those talented people held master's degree or doctorates.

The study further reveals that a sizable number of those who left the US said that they had advanced significantly in their careers since leaving America.

"They were more optimistic about opportunities for entrepreneurship, and more than half planned to start their own businesses, if they had not done so already. Only a quarter said that they were likely to return to the US."

This cream of respective brain drained nation in past come to home, welcomed that talent in home. Indian economy in present and future need such talented people. If they are its own citizen added advantage to grow.

On this issue what you think. your comments are added points to clear view.

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