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Doctors hit by Patients Relative

Thursday, March 12, 2009 | Labels: | |


Doctors hit by Patients Relative

With every rising sun, one news found much more time in NEWS paper. "Doctors attacked by Patients relative while patient dead after medication " , " Doctor's association march pass to condom hit" and any editorial write in paper about doctors and patients today relation.

"Doctors are person who saved patients life" this is common feeling of any person. Doctors are before GOD.Till date relation of doctors with patient and relative were so good. Then what happen in from last five years.

I read one article which is read by one doctor. He told that in that article that doctor have limitation. Doctor is not GOD. Doctors are trying their best. This problem is due to unawareness of patients relative about medication and treatment. Today medication charges are high because of highly price equipment.

Doctors are educated person that why they can express themselves in News papers or any other public forum. There is also another side also.

Today patient feels that doctors clinic is not GOD's home, it is place where you may cure or may not be but your pocket goes in debt. Common pubic not blind they are watching one doctor come in town.Rented space clinic. Over five or six year he/she owned own multi-specialty hospital.Owned one or two car. Where it come from? So many companies gives gifts to doctor. For what purpose? To Recommended their product. If doctors are gone so professionally. For small diseases village doctor recommend any towns hospital, towns hospital recommend big cities hospital. Such good marketing and sales chain are develop by doctors. Doctors doesn't have time to give patient. They continuously visiting patient in various hospital. There is no surety to cure.

Patient goes in debt. They would sold their home, land, jewelery to save her/his life. If in this condition if patient not getting cure and dead. What would happen?

I doesn't want to prove that relative are right or doctor was wrong. I want to clear picture.

They doesn't have answerable to any one. No any other procedure to check whether treatment provided by doctor is right or wrong. Various test carried or recommended by doctor are essential or not. Highly price medicines option are available in market or not.

If doctor would answerable by law and pass law for Protection of Doctors, then there should bright chances to minimize this attack or mishap.

If you had any incidence like, have any suggestion or own idea. Feel free to express yourself.

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