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Future of Indian economy - hopes and facts!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009 | Labels: | |


Future of Indian economy

In India inflation comes to downword, but prices are still on peak of Everest. So many FMCG big brands are announced slashes in prices. This is only mere day dream, they minimise quantity of their product. They are making fool to customer, what they think really customer are fool?

We know big brands are highly paid monkeys, they tie a tie in their nake. No doubts they are brilliant one but they forget something important. In the race of more profit they cheat to confidance of customer. It never hurts immediately but when customer divert to competitor with huge quantity then this tie necked executives try to figured out another new marketing idea. obviously new plan hurt more than previous. In this way they try to find another job when sell's figure not hike and pressure develope by higher management.

This executives change but image of brand getting dusty.

That means only newspaper and goverments financial institute publish figure that inflation comes down, but normal public dosen't feel same way as figure says.

Now general election on our head. We belive on democracy but not on our elected ruler.

In India if we think public as milk then politician are like cream. They dosen't know about public but they rules on that. Revolution for participation of normal public as well as womens and every category of society is essential in power.

India have so many area to improve, slowly but firmly changes are happened. We know we have so many problems in our daily lifeIn, our system.
We know very well that all problem will solved. Day will come more brighter than previous. This is not blind faith its our confidance.
We belive on better future for our child. We belive in peace in world. We belive in humanity.

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