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12 step to invest in your money

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Here I like to provide 12 STEPS before you think to invest.
SEBI provide this step in it's investor workbook. This steps find amazing to me. It will always over sighted by investor so I like to present here for reminder. Just go through it. It may save your good amount of bucks. Only few minutes are required to read this.
This steps are answer of
What care should I take while investing?
This simple steps are always helpful to save money from unnecessary risk and avoid to put money in wrong hand.
Before making any investment, you must ensure that you;

  1. Obtain written documents explaining the investments;
  2.  Read and understand such document,
  3.  Verify the legitimacy if the investment
  4. Find out the costs and benefits associated with the investment,
  5.  Assess risk-return profile of the investment,
  6.  Know the liquidity and safety aspects of the investment,
  7.  Ascertain if it is appropriate for you specific goals,
  8.  Examine if it fits with other investments you are considering or you have    already made,
  9.  Deal only thorough an SEBI registers intermediary , whenever required,
  10. Seek all clarification about the intermediary and the investment,
  11. Explore the option available to you should something goes wrong and then, if satisfied, make the investment.
  12.   Always ask all your doubts

This is call 12 investment steps. In case you cannot exercise these precautions, you may delegate the responsibility of investment to reliable and competent entity such as a mutual fund, to invest on your behalf. Even then you have to exercise care to choose the right entity who understands your needs and works in your interest.
SEBI provides so many facilty and material to investor to make aware to them. This material is such good quality. Every investoor must go through Web of SEBI

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