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Future of Indian Economy

Sunday, April 5, 2009 | Labels: | |


Prime Minister of India visited to G20 summit On this summit India gain some benefit. Those gain will help to future to make better to best.

Now India now accepted as  major economic power and its big  achievement of INDIA. Indian economy will benefited by from $ 1.1 trillion stimulus package. We are less hampered than another countries by global slowdown and recession. As other economies do well in upcoming days, there is nothing to worry to Indian economy rather it supportive to Indian economy

On this occasion of G20 summit global power are accepted and recognize cooperative responsibility to come on right  track global economy.. Protectionism is big worried problem in front of developing economies like India.Protectionism plays role on various sector from goods to lending money by bank who receives bailout package money.

India still have chances to sort out black money problem, if the information of Swiss bank accounts among them  most of  use to hide black money by various Indian big fishes. If proper steps taken to flow this money in economy then it will help to boost growth rather than taken any lending. This is seem so easy but it is not.

Indian economy have major challenges in front of it to solve. Disease, poverty, education to all are challenges yet to require more steps to met them. Benefit of development must be goes in level of economy helper is also necessary requirement.

For better future India needs commitment on every level. If we commit to ourselves to balance development, we will achieve it. This is not dream it bright future which slowly but  firmly start to uncover.

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