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How to learn your Child to save money?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 | Labels: | |


How to learn your Child to save money?

Future is unknown to everyone. We can only predict outer line about future not draw a perfect sketch. In this modern era money become community driven fuel. In this time of volatility, rescission and global slowdown, we may in panic. Not only for our own career but also for future of our child.

It is become necessary to learn our child to face future in warrior style rather than cover face in corner. Emotionally healthy child is also important as physically, so it is become duty of every parent to learn child to live. Money makes matter, first accept it. Playing with money when become natural and discipline, then only your child become emotionally bold to face future.

Our child is our own dream, its depend on every parent how they implemented this dream in present. When we become friend of child and learn them little thing, but important then only then can fill air in their wings to fly.

  • Child learn from parents first then rest of society. To secure future of child learn then to give respect to money
  • Make idol as yourself in front of child, so you have to respectfully and discipline manner with money
  • Allow your child to some Ruppes as pocket money to learn money management

  • Ask them periodically how they spend money, some time they will spend money on trifle things
  • If they are doing wrong, rather than curse them try to understand them why they made that mistake?

  • Be friend when learn then to avoid mistake
  • Allow them to purchase an item they are saving for so they can enjoy the benefits of saving.
  • Allow them to set a goal of money they would like to save (Goal is to save Rs 100.00 to buy a game ,books,bat for playing cricket, etc.)
  • Teach them how to balance a checkbook.

Taking such little steps you can teach you kid to save money positively. If you have any suggestion then feel free to forward in as comment.

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