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Steadily Earn by Investing steadily

Thursday, April 9, 2009 | Labels: , , | |


Steadily Earn by Investing steadily

In last one and half year most of the investor learn and very well understand, how the mood of market and economy changes suddenly?
Change is basic behavior of market as our life hanging between joy and sorrow. This is main cause that any one want to jump in carnival of market.

In stock market or any type of market risk is major factor. If anyone want to earn money in market,he or she must understand HOW MUCH RISK YOU CAN TAKE. Investing is serious business with calm mind.

Steady investing is patience game. It is more like SIP. First you must know market driven stock, good stock on which you can rely for longer time. Rather than invest money in bulk on single occasion and wait to reap fruits to eat is more risky than harvest your corps periodically. Invest money in good performing history stocks, lower P/E ratio always not good for your investment. Always hear to your voice of soul when you shall choose stock.

Invest your money in small packets and on regular interval which may suitable to you. In this manner you can beat bear run and you will find less risk because of averaging.

In last always book profit. We are here in market to earn profit either from direct selling or by dividend. Manage your greed and fear so you can book profit when you feel. WITHOUT GRABBING PROFIT AND TRANSFER THIS MONEY IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT TILL ALL ARE IMAGINARY

Feel free to write constructive comment. This encourage me to write more to help me and others.

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