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What you think for IPL In SOUTH AFRICA?

Friday, April 17, 2009 | | |


IPL matches at last you can watch from South Africa. Yes I know CRICKET FANS are happy now, I am also cricket's fan but I am not. I like cricket but not more than my country's pride. We were ever read in newspaper that cricket was not remain game, it become game of money. Still we were love to cricket.

Now this is time to think about our affection for this game. In this worst economic situation, cricket may help to Indian economy. This is not happen now, by ego of some few peoples who think they are great businessman. I know they get good amount money even in SOUTH AFRICA now, but they will miss viewer like me.

Today they doesn't get affected from me because I single person now,but I know with single person can make history. I believe on that. This is same place SOUTH AFRICA where from Indian history changes dramatically with person name Mahatma Gandhi. Now this same place again make difference on thinking about any game like cricket. We must again think for mad affection for any thing which may go to hit on our identity.

If you have your own view then must share with people.

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