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When every student get laptop?

Sunday, April 5, 2009 | Labels: | |


When every student get laptop?

In developing countries, when every student can afford laptop? Laptop is one of the great achievement of development. Due to laptop every can manage their thoughts and computing them. Laptop is very great way to learning. So many software are available anytime for student to help them.

In India our student (sorry to those institute who provide laptop with cheque of fees. I am not telling about them.) still waiting for laptop. Our student have very great intellectual and brilliancy with ambition. They are studying with less amenities . Today everyone make their collar tight on word like "shine India, economic power, third world power". Their is nothing wrong to pronounce this words. Aware this good time result of struggling  own by middle class, some great thinker and great ruler.

I don't want to theft of credit of anyone in growth of India. I want to clear point that our student are brilliant. They need more space to spread their wings. Laptop is symbolic demand. Once student get such stuff in academic they can contribute to whole world double than now. This not small thing. To make world better and grow tomorrows brilliant, we has to provide them good infrastructure.

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