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Friday, April 3, 2009 | Labels: | |


In morning when i am sitting on seat of bus, there are rush of passengers to check their luggage and companion and children. This is month of hot April, everyone think to travel in morning so they passed there journey time in pleasant environment. From last few days sun ragging very hottest.

I am daily traveler in same route so I know most of daily passengers. In my bus most of daily passengers are teachers in in profession, as they seem by their appearance and talking. Some lady teacher always come late and their hurry to catch this bus to go school on time. Teacher must go early in school else how they punishes to late comer student !!

I observe this mob of teachers from several days. Today I am in mood of free riding on my mind. Tecachers are very great profession they build nation and grow blank child as civilized citizen. They crafts future of student very carefully. This time I talked teaching as profession but long ago in India it not. That era teaching is work of God to pass knowledge. They teach student every aspect of life.

In India that old time GURUKUL system in existence. They didn't teach for competition exam and other spoken English type classes. They teach student to become civilized and truly person. Those student were work hard in their GURU'S (Teacher's) home.

Now time changes money owner build school and colleges as money making machine. They pour their money in building and infrastructure to made crowd to seek job. Today it is not necessary that highly educated person be a good character person. Teachers become scarified community who leave their own children to build others children. Some teachers are forget their duty and they become only worker.

It is not fault of teacher's. Today teachers are overburden in trifle work provided by Government and college owner then how they can spare time to teach and make student.

In recent days Government seek some measure to ensure quality of education. Still there is hope some respectable teachers are exception for this situation. They teach student to become truly human and good person. I believe that and I know that. Those teachers are really makes of nation and world. I like to saluted them.

This is free expression of mind so there may be some mistakes. If you are noticed anyone feel free to comment me so I can override this mistake to provide more and more articles.

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