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Know your mind when you are in stock market.

Sunday, May 31, 2009 | | 0 Comments |


Market run by investor, trader and various other institution. One thing is common behind every thing present in market that human being, human mind. Every one has specific set of mind. Mind plays important role in market. In micro level we can notice that mind runs market.

We normally observe that Mr. A buys at one level ,where Mr. B sell on that level at same time and same price. Both of them waiting for profit and one of them get profit when they cover their portion at same time. Then we can say that ones emotion are winner and who earn profit. There are groups of emotion are working behind every transaction in market.

Every one come in stock market to earn profit, to earn money, nobody wants to loose their hard earn money. But we normally observed that most of person are loose their money, only few of them are gain. Every time we seen there are was between group of emotion. One group is always winner who know how to exploit there emotion in favour of them.

Emotion are product of mind. To control emotion in favour of you, you have to learn to control your emotion.

So we have to understand our way of thinking, our emotion and mind. Rather than fight with stock market we have to learn to swim in flow of market to get profit with proper timing pick and sell.

We have to make discipline in our day to day life, then only we can behave properly in market.

Hope this article help to earn money in stock market. You can write your view in comment to become helpful to other.

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Stocks to watch on 1 June 2009

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Today good movement expected in

  • TCS
  • Bharti Artl

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Is this time to invest money in Indian Market?

Monday, May 18, 2009 | | 0 Comments |


Our PM gives promise to stop recession and slowdown problem within in 100 days.
Investor who miss chance to buy at lower level of 8k, most of them now want to invest money in market now. They seems market in positive trend, due to political stability.
I like to share my own ideas that wait for few days. Wait till overall trend of Indian market to be cleared. Then only think for further investing money.

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Historic jump of market



Today Indian market makes history as this monday becomes Golden Monday for Indian market.
As their is news of well settled goverment in center market jump to upper circuit in few seconds after opening. On mid of the day when market start again it hit second circuit.
Some news channel says it is emotional rally. What you think about it. Write here.

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Friday closing

Friday, May 15, 2009 | Labels: | 0 Comments |


Market is cautious today. At the end of day there was some profit booking on occasion of, result of general election. On monday also be cautious even though result will clear tomorrow.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009 | Labels: , | 0 Comments |


Free Intraday tips for 20/04/2009


BUY above



Target2SELL above



78.35    77.95     84.7    88.7577.75  

74.3    67.55


BUY above



Target2SELL above



221.71     220.59      225.64229.49220.03 
221.15 217.86   

BUY above



Target2SELL above



53.83      53.57      54.77  56.0753.44  

52.53       51.33

This tips will help you to increase your eaning in Intraday.
Happy Trading

Suggest friends if you like it!! 

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Nifty Future tips for 13 May 2009

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This are the nifty's level for today.
Hope you should enjoy this to earn money in Indian stock market.

 Free Nifty Level for Intraday

BUY ABOVE 3730 TARGET 3758-3777-3831
SELL BELOW 3654 TARGET 3631-3608-3579

Happy trading

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Overview of 12 May 2009 market

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Today largecap stocks provide huge bounce in SENSEX. It was amazing session for Indian stock market SENSEX posted more than 500 points rally while the Nifty shot up over 100 points, ahead of election results on Saturday.

The 30-share Sensex surged 511.64 points to touch an intraday high of 12,194.63, before closing at 12,158.03, up 4.07% or 475.04 points. The 50-share NSE Nifty ended 3.56% or 126.50 points higher at 3681.10, after hitting day's high of 3691.65.

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Widget for Investor to watch sensex on Desktop

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Before many days I had installed Bse Market Watch Widget for my convenience. I thoroughly checked this widget for my desktop. After that I like to say that this widget is working very good. I like to recommend to every investor, they must required this free widget provided by BSE INDIA on their desktop to easy access to
a. SENSEX Value:
b. SENSEX Future
c. SENSEX graph
d. get quote
e. Quick link

You can situate at any place on desktop as you like by just dragging with mouse.

This widget help us;
To keep you updated on the market by the minute, while you are busy with your routine chores.

  • Alway stay connected to the market

  • Track SENSEX and the market trends

  • Get quick access to live reports from and to other special reports

  • Adjust Market Watch anywhere on your Desktop

  • Overview
    Through various means and medium, BSE has always kept you updated with market information. Market Watch is new initiative, to provide you key information right on your desktop and medium to suit your desk.

  • Mkt Watch is a desktop tool that keeps you connected with the market.

  • Mkt Watch updates you with SENSEX and the market trends on a minute-to-minute basis.

  • Mkt Watch takes you directly to live reports on

  • Mkt Watch can float anywhere on your desktop.

Using this widget you can benefited by following services

System Requirement
  • Supported OS : Windows 2000 and above

  • Supported Browser : Internet Explorer 5.0 or above, Netscape7.0, Mozilla

  • I had also tried it on Fedora 10 Linux using WINE ( some time it is hang on it)

  • To download use this link

    For more information about this widget Manual_Mkt Watch.pdf

    I like this widget as trader.

    Hope this widget appeal to your earning.
    What do you think about this widget feel free to comment here.

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    how to earn on internet? You know!!

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    Money is matter in world. No one has ever logged onto the Internet for the first time and
    started pocketing dollars in a really short period of time. As
    with all things in life, there is a learning curve.

    Do you sometimes wish that life was a little easier? Well,
    Every one want to reveals how to shortcut your path to home business success.

    I had introduced with internet in 1998 , from this time I was ever think to grab some dollars in my pocket. I was just entered in Diploma. I didn't have good knowledge of any thing about computer and internet. One of the my best friend introduced me to internet for best for chatting only. This time Yahoo was best one to chat on net. After that period I ever search on

    I had read so many e-book and other materials also about how to earn money style articles. So many people try to teach us

    “How they earn money on net?”

    This material have something like this,

    “Every night after work and after my wife and children went to
    sleep, I would get online and explore different ways of using the
    Internet to make money.

    In the two years that followed, I spent over $10,000 racking up
    credit card debt buying eBooks, membership sites, special
    reports, opt-in leads, and joining every "guru" recommended
    business opportunity that flew into my email inbox.

    I stayed up learning, working, and drinking coffee until 5:00 in
    the morning, month after month filled with the hope of making
    money online.

    In my third year of working part-time to build a home based
    income, I finally broke through and earned over $100,000 in just
    twelve months from the Internet.”

    I had trying so many free survey but they didn't appeal to my pocket.
    I believe on that so many peoples attached with net that means someone is earning good that's why they spend money and time on net. There may be right track to earn money on net, but I couldn't found that. I am still in search in good way to pay my broadband bill by internet income.

    If you are go through any good way then feel free to share for people like me as guidance path. If you have not any success story then also write about difficulty to solve here by any “GURU”

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    5 way to Earn money in Stock market

    Monday, May 11, 2009 | Labels: , | 0 Comments |


    When you are in in front screen of trading desk then you have keep this 5 way to earn in stock market.

    Market is place one can become Rich!! and one can throw on road also. So you must go through all the educational and practical content given on this place. You will find amazing thing to earn more money.
    No matter where and which type of market your playing.

    1 Set your goal
    Only earning money can not be goal. You have to utilize money for any specific purpose. Scratch your head and found answer for this question. Why are you here to trade in trading? If you doesn't have answer for this question then you must know that your gambler. If you don't want to gambler then set goal for trading practically.

    2 Keep your emotion in Vault.
    Market is place where emotion plays important role. Everyone try to judge of emotion of other by bidding for selling or buying. One by one crowd become in mob, mob have specific emotion pattern. Market play opposite of bigger mob. So try to specified your self other than mob. For this purpose you simply obey market's present condition rather than go beyond mob.

    3 Keep patience  like tiger

    If your seen wild discovery on Discovery channel then you must watch tiger's program on that program you can understand how Tiger wait for right opportunity to hunting , then only he can get food to eat. In same matter I know you have great potential like tiger so you must have to wait for right opportunity. Patience pays you.

    4 Be brave to grab profit

    Only watching toward positive trade is not way to earn money in stock market. You have to become fast to grab your rewards. If your slow and wait this time then your become fool. If your trade is negative then also you have to become fast to minimize loss by applying stop loss.

    5 Make your profit solid
    Now you will find yourself as successful trader. This is not end of your world, still you have to go far behind from here. Convert your profit in solid investment so you remain in market in minimum exposure to loss else you can feel to take more and more risk. This tendency may convert you from successful trader to gambler. So keep watch on your self.

    This tips are help you to become successful trader in market. First give preference to peace of mind then trade in market.

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    Tips for Nifty for 7 May 2009

    Wednesday, May 6, 2009 | Labels: , | 0 Comments |


    Nifty Tips for  7 May 2009


    BUY NIFTY T1 4000
    BUY NIFTY T1 4100
    StopLoss 3595

    Wish you happy Trading.

    You can also your views about Nifty here. No one perfect here. Everyone are passenger of destination. So keep commenting to sharpen your knowledge.

    Further any queries you can contact on comment.

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    Nifty level for 5 May 2009

    Monday, May 4, 2009 | Labels: , | 0 Comments |


    Nifty level for 5 May 2009

    Current Spot - 3654
    Support - 3590 and 3545
    Resistance - 3705 and 375

    This is Crucial level of Nifty.

    Hope you find valuable this Nifty level.

    Feel free to feedback. Postive feedback are always welcomed.

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    Historical data of SENSEX

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    As an market player if your here  then you on right place to know about historical data of sensex.

    BSE India is the oldest stock exchange in the Asia Pacific. It was formed in the year 1875 as a Native Share and Stock Broker Association in Bombay (Mumbai). It was a place known as Dalal Street in Bombay. It was started with the 318 persons becoming members of it.

     Below Here provide  a detailed date and year wise break down points and history of BSE Sensex, starting from 1000 points and going to the 21000 points and coming back to 7000 points…. and still counting….

    1,000 Sensex – 25 July 1990

    2,000 Sensex – 3 January 1992Historical-BSE-Sensex-1990-to-2008 see historical dates of BSE sensex

    3,000 Sensex – 29 February 1992

    4,000 Sensex – 30 March 1992

    5,000 Sensex – 8 October 1999

    6,000 Sensex – 11 February 2000

    7,000 Sensex – 20 June 2005

    8,000 Sensex – 8 September 2005

    9,000 Sensex – 28 November 2005

    10,000 Sensex – 6 February 2006

    11,000 Sensex – 21 March 2006

    12,000 Sensex – 20 April 2006

    13,000 Sensex – 30 October 2006

    14,000 Sensex – 5 December 2006

    15,000 Sensex – 6 July 2007

    16,000 Sensex – 19 September 2007

    17,000 Sensex – 26 September 2007

    18,000 Sensex – 9 October 2007

    19,000 Sensex – 15 October 2007

    20,000 Sensex - 29 October 2007

    21,000 Sensex - 8 January 2008  This is the historical date of Indian Share Market

    20,000 Sensex – 8 January 2008   From this date Sensex started to drop downward.

    19,000 Sensex – 16 January 2008

    18,000 Sensex – 18 January 2008

    17,000 Sensex – 21 January 2008

    16,000 Sensex – 21 January 2008

    15,000 Sensex – 22 January 2008

    14,000 Sensex – 17 March 2008

    13,000 Sensex – 24 June 2008

    12,000 Sensex – 01 July 2008

    11,000 Sensex – 06 October 2008

    10,000 Sensex – 08 October 2008

    9,000 Sensex – 17 October 2008

    8,000 Sensex – 27 October 2008

    12134.75 Sensex on 4 may 2008

    This rally between October  to may. If one was panic and he had sell his portfolio then he may looser for current condition.

    By this historical data one may concluded that patience pay in market. Even though thunder  of recession and scam of Satyam was also handle by Indian economy. This 12000 mark again witnessed of it.

    Here you have seen the whole journey of Indian Share Market from the point 1,000 Sensex to the point 21,000 , again from point 21,000 Sensex to the point 8,000 Sensex    and again from 12000 mark to 12000 mark within small time frame.

    Now you seen historical data of sensex for Historical data of NIFTY .

    If we seen this rallies of different mark then we can free to say that this time is not bad for investing as beginner or old chap.

    So be natural and found free to invest in good stock which you choose for secure you future and gain money in stock market.

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    Intraday Tips for 4 May 2009 for Sensex and Nifty

    Sunday, May 3, 2009 | Labels: , | 0 Comments |


    Tips for 4 May 2009 for Sensex and Nifty 
    Sensex :
    Support For  Sensex is 11200
    Resistance for  Sensex is  11640

    Nifty: (3474)
    Support for  Nifty is at 3400
    Resistance to the up move is at 3735

    This Sensex and Nifty level help you to intraday trading. Hope you will found it helpful to earn money in stock market.

    Free mind always accept things and think on that to derived best.
    Happy Trading

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