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Know your mind when you are in stock market.

Sunday, May 31, 2009 | | |


Market run by investor, trader and various other institution. One thing is common behind every thing present in market that human being, human mind. Every one has specific set of mind. Mind plays important role in market. In micro level we can notice that mind runs market.

We normally observe that Mr. A buys at one level ,where Mr. B sell on that level at same time and same price. Both of them waiting for profit and one of them get profit when they cover their portion at same time. Then we can say that ones emotion are winner and who earn profit. There are groups of emotion are working behind every transaction in market.

Every one come in stock market to earn profit, to earn money, nobody wants to loose their hard earn money. But we normally observed that most of person are loose their money, only few of them are gain. Every time we seen there are was between group of emotion. One group is always winner who know how to exploit there emotion in favour of them.

Emotion are product of mind. To control emotion in favour of you, you have to learn to control your emotion.

So we have to understand our way of thinking, our emotion and mind. Rather than fight with stock market we have to learn to swim in flow of market to get profit with proper timing pick and sell.

We have to make discipline in our day to day life, then only we can behave properly in market.

Hope this article help to earn money in stock market. You can write your view in comment to become helpful to other.

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