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Backyard junk may shine like GOLD if you think...

Friday, June 19, 2009 | Labels: , | |


In our day to day life we collect so many things. Some things come in home to fulfill our necessity, some come from hobbies. As day passes new things replace old one. This cycle is continuous process.

So many item gather in our backyard as they are getting old and old. This cause in increase in junk in our backyard or in our garages. As things goes in junk we never look for it again.

Some time cleaner who covered in us, awaken and we decide to clean all thing and make clear and clean to our backyard and garages with our child. Children wandered so in treasure hunter. We start to segregate one by one in broad classification like REQUIRED AND NOT REQUIRED THINGS. When at end of day we come to conclusion see at our list, feel all things are goes in REQUIRED category. At last all days work waste we keep all things again in our backyard or in garage. This experience may feel most of reader in our day to day life.

Then what to do with junk....

Now you have list of all things.

With simple step you can earn extra money from junk.

1 List things which can resale as second hand item.
2 make some creative from junk and sale them with painting and denting.
3. Rest of things sale in scrap straight way. Avoid your attraction for keeping them for future requirement. (Only don't sale items if you live in remote area.)

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