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Few words on energy....

Sunday, June 14, 2009 | Labels: | |


Law of Conservation of Energy
 “Energy cannot be newly created. Energy cannot be destroyed. In a closed system, the total mass
and energy remains unchanged. In a closed system the energy is conserved”.

As we see this Law of  Conservation of Energy which clearly define us that we can not create or destroy energy. That is fact!! then question arises in mind why so much energy crisis in world.

We are utilizing energy and it convert in another source of energy then those all people shouting about energy crisis. Problem is that we use sources like and convert it into another energy type. Their are two types of energy sources;


(i) fossil fuel (ii) nuclear energy (iii) hydro energy

      (i) Solar energy (ii) wind energy (iii) geothermal energy (iv) ocean energy such as tidal energy,
wave energy (v) biomass energy such as gobar gas.

Most of energy demand is fulfill by Conventional source of Energy. This sources are exploited by human being at tremendous speed.
But this conventional sources are not renewable. We always read in news paper and other sources of information that Oil reservoir will be empty in so and so year in future...

This is fact if we are consume this energy sources so rapidly. Our child then surely make their journey on bicycle. If we are not thinking about non conventional and green source of energy then we would in trouble.

Pollution is another problem with conventional energy source. 

We are alone initially thinking for green. No matter.. We can do so many things to save our earth. We think for another sources of energy. We save our electricity with common sense. Use every resources for need not for leisure and waste.

This some simple lines for informative purpose so I can do some effort on my level. If one of you read and use energy with brain and responsibility. Then I feel this not waste of my energy

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