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Will we retire happily? Indian investor's geniune question

Thursday, June 18, 2009 | Labels: | |


As investors, we’ve always dreamy about happy retire life. there is some question in mind which are always unanswered. What types of portfolio suitable for me, How much time is required for holding for stock?

Is buy & hold still a viable investing strategy? Are my retirement investments going to bounce back? This questions are hit in mind due to up and down in SENSEX and Nifty of Indian stock market. Most of us were invest money in market at top. It's matter of money. When market is going to top again? When our investment gives good return? How much patience we kept ?

Answer of this question you all know very well. Just you have to hear your mind.

The honest answer; only time will tell. Stop!! time tell you answer but  the results are still pretty clear, answer is uncovered in our mind.

We know that our economy is much more better than other country and market. Our Indian economy is sound in fundamental. Glorious days of market comes again.

Only one thing must scratch  in our mind that we should keep patience. Time is best answer for all.

The point is: bad timing trumps good ideas... And if you're like most investors, you found yourself in the right place at the wrong time when the market cratered.

In this bad timing we should go ahead with specific strategy to come up with losses to winning one.

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